Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day 4 I am not superwoman but I have super powers

Day 4 of the blog challenge has lead me to be reflective to dig deep into my psyche especially as yesterday was a very challenging day work wise and I am feeling a bit bruised and battered emotionally. I have been working flat out and overdoing it and feeling a bit shaky.  And then the challenge is to identify my two superpowers that together enable me to deliver success in my business. 

So I thought hard and found the appropriate two.  One is to deliver results.  I was on a course once with Boots – the type of course where you have to build an igloo out of things lying around to learn team building and resilience skills.  It was an awesome course set in Chamonix, all sunny and snowy.  Anyway back to the story, as a team, we were wobbling a bit over whether we would get it done in time.  And the instructor said something that stayed with me to this day, “the one thing I know about Boots people is you get things done”.  And that has inspired and stayed with me ever since. When deadlines are looming or challenges seem insurmountable – I know I can get the results.  And this belief has got me through some tough times but also has enabled me to inspire others to have the same faith and self conviction, which is a great asset when managing and mentoring others.

The second superpower is bringing people together.  I have worked on my network in the food industry over the years and know a lot of people who can help me out.  From creating great packaging design to delivering customers insights through research to how to save tax on innovation and building great websites.  So for my clients, I can offer not just my knowledge and skill set but the breadth of value of others which makes me much more powerful and effective.

However, I would say that one of my weaknesses is actually taking on too much and never saying no, so I do need to learn to say no to projects and businesses that do not serve my purpose and remember that I am not superwoman just a great food mentor!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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