Monday, 19 September 2016

Day 10 - I made it!!!

Well guys, I made it to day 10 - kept going and really enjoyed it!!  For those who understand Belbin - I am no completer finisher - I love starting shiny new things and don't quite finish them before I get distracted.  So why was this one good for me - well the incentive of the prizes, the intrigue of getting the video every day and then, as I progressed, looking forward to the next challenge.

And then the philosophy above - I do currently do a lot of what I love but the work focus has eclipsed everything else and I want that balance back.

Which day was my favourite - well not day 1 cos it was really really hard for me to get this blogger site set up and to work out how to post photos etc etc.  I think day 2 working out my why is probably the favourite - getting clarity on what value I bring to peoples lives and also an hours self indulgence listening to all my favourite songs with free in the title!!

So what I have achieved in the last 10 days
  • Set up Rivierafoodmentor blog site
  • Set up @rivierafoodmentor facebook page
  • Spoke at Enterprise nation to over 100 food companies
  • Got one new client from this gig
  • Been asked to run a webinar on Enterprise nation site
  • Been asked to join Bread and butter food festival to be one of their advisors in November
  • Been contacted by @Groceryaccelerator to join them to meet some of their clients
  • And hooked up three more clients for food mentoring 

Now is this all from blogging??  No definitely not but what the challenges have enabled me to do is change my mindset.  I have learnt how to hook up with people in business perspective on Facebook, gained confidence to tweet all the way through the Enterprise nation conference which raised my profile and just increase my business focus.

So thank you Natalie so much for inspiring me to get on and do this and I am now ready to plan out my next 6 months - the move to France, growing my business, getting the fun side of my life back and finally getting to Australia after many years of promising to go!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

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